List of Projects accomplished by UKRRIAT in the area of Aircraft Production Organization and Management (Project Name / Project Customer Country / Year of accomplishment)

1. Working up the documentation of An-140 Aircraft Production Set-up Project (Iran, 1995)

2. Working up the Quality Management System documentation according to requirements of aviation regulations and ISO 9000 (Iran, 1995)

3. Training of Iranian specialists to: – quality control and acceptance of An-140 aircraft and its modifications; – supervision on the production of An-140 aircraft and its modifications (Iran, 2007)

4. Working up the initial technological materials to work out business case of An-70 transport aircraft production development (Russia, 2001)

5. Working up the business case for An-148/An-158 aircraft serial production development (Russia, 2012)

6. Working up the complex of proposals to cut cost of An-148/An-158 serial aircraft (Russia, 2012)

7. Working up the strategy of the ANTONOV aircraft production technical re-equipping, technological modernizing and organizational re-structuring (Ukraine, 2013)

8. Carrying out the estimated and comparable analysis of labor and material cost of the aircraft airframe sub-assemblies manufacturing of metal and polymer composite materials (Russia, 2008)

9. Working up the methods and technologies of the MC-21 aircraft outer and inner wing assembling (Russia, 2011)

10. Working up the investment project “Transport Aircraft Serial Production and Sale Management” (Russia, 2001)

11. Working up the business cases of aircraft serial cooperative production development (Ukraine, 2012)

12. Working up the Project Management System generally methodical draft standard (Ukraine, 2014)

13. Working up the complex of organizational and technological proposals to improve cooperative scheme of production and cut cost of aircrafts (Ukraine, 2012)

14. Working up the recommendations on typical models for the An-178 civil transport aircraft cooperative production set-up in abroad (Ukraine, 2015)

15. Rendering consultative services in view of working up the projects of serial production of medium civil aircraft of transport category and its engine (Chine, 2016)