MATERIALS OF THE FIFTH TECHNICAL CONFERENCE OF UKRAINIAN BRANCH SAMPE Gvozdev M.A., Kondratiev A.V. Prediction of the technically feasible volume of introduction of polymer composite materials in aircraft structures Bologin A.S., Gorokhov G.T. Predictive features of forecasting of glider indicators of repeated vessels Kotsyuba A.A., Dweirin A.Z., Golovchenko Y. O. New structural and technological solutions of composite products joints in the practice of SE ANTONOV Potapov A.M., Romanyuk M.F., Tikhiy V.G., Khomchenko M.V. Experience in the application of non-destructive testing methods to ensure the manufacturing quality of high-pressure carbon fiber cocoon Prontsevich E.V., Gusarova I.A., Karpikova O.A., Kis O.P., Potapov A.M. Multifunctional coatings with special properties in rocket technology Astana V.V., Olefir O. I., Schegel G. O., Olefir A. O. Peculiarities of percussion artwork for textile composites with high and low speed Storm A.I., Eremina E.A. Characteristics of the process of fracture of metal polymers under compression Ivshchenko L.I., Tsyganov V.V. Methodological principles for the surface engineering of gas turbine components of complex contact dynamic loading Pavlenko D.V., Kovalenko T.A., Ovchinnikov A.V. The effect of thermal effects on the structure and properties of the VT8M-1 titanium alloy in the submicrocrystalline state

RESULTS OF RESEARCH OF NEW PROCESSES, MATERIALS, PRODUCTS Kostin A.M., Martynenko V.A., Kvasnitsky V.V. Evaluation of weldability of sheet steel of large thickness of category E steel Strelenko N.M., Zvorykina A.K. Modern technologies for welding steel with aluminum in the automotive industry Taranenko I.M. Qualimetric analysis of structural and technological solutions of parts of a longitudinal power set of aircraft structures made of composites Zhdanov L.A., Slivinsky A.A., Strelenko N.M., Netyaga A.V. Features of the formation of non-metallic inclusions in the weld metal during electric arc welding under high-silicon fluxes Shalamov A.N. Comparison of fuel efficiency of A320NEO and 737MAX aircraft Pashchenko V.M. The prospect of the development of mobile plasma systems

PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT Fadva Yu.V. The methodology of securing the economic safety of machine-building in the course of the second restructuring of the ERP systems in the country