November 15, 2012 in the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Technology hosted the 2nd Technical Conference of the Ukrainian branch of the international organization for the promotion of materials and technologies SAMPE on “Technical modernization of aircraft manufacturing production – the key to success in the aviation technology markets.” It was attended by representatives from different cities of Ukraine. Members, which total at this conference was more than 30 people, representing Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Institute of Materials Science of Ukraine, State Enterprise “Design Bureau” Yuzhnoye “, National Aviation University, National Technical University of Ukraine” KPI “, SE” Antonov ” , Kharkov Aviation Institute, Sumy State University and JSC UkrNIIAT institute.

The conference was held on the following sections:

– Section 1: “Management Economy.”;

– Section 2: “Research Production Modeling technology..”;

– Section 3: “Composite materials for aerospace engineering.”

There were presentations on the themes:

– “On the status and problems of the aircraft industry. On the concept of the state target scientific and technical program of the aviation industry of Ukraine for the period till 2020 “, G.A.Krivov, AO UkrNIIAT institute;

– “On the work of the Ukrainian branch of the society SAMPE», V.N.Shulepov, AO UkrNIIAT institute;

– “Method of assessment and inventory of the compressor blades strength GTD recovered surfacing” A.V.Ovchinnikov, D.V.Pavlenko, ZNTU;

– “Improving wear resistance tribosoprjazhenij TBG complex thermomechanical loading when the change of the structural state of the surface layer” L.I.Ivschenko, V.V.Tsiganov, Institute of Mechanical Engineering Zaporizhzhya National Technical University;

– “knit-mesh copper solder, and carbon particles for lightning nanostructured composite materials for aircraft industry experience wind” L.R.Vishnyakov, Institute of Materials Science NAS (NAS IPM);

– “Preparation and properties of dispersion-strengthened alloys lung” G.A.Baglyuk, Yu.A.Shishkina, A.G.Bogacheva, Preprint NAS;

– “Modeling shock interaction multicomponent composites at speeds up to 1600 m / s”, V.V.Astanin, A.A.Schegel, National Aviation University (NAU)

– “The information collection system on the state of the elements of composite coatings runways and highways,” A.I.Olefir, A.A.Olefir, the NAU;

– “Influence drill geometry on its durability and accuracy of the holes when drilling composite materials” A.V.Globa, I.A.Bulah, S.N.Milokost, “KPI”;

– “Methods for the repair of aircraft airframe made of composite materials with a tubular filler” DSKiva, A.Z.Dveyrin, E.T.Vasilevsky, V.S.Petropolsky, P.I.Gorobets, S.E.Gavrilyuk , S.M.Gaydukova, SE “Antonov”;

– “Aspects selection fasteners for performing the compounds of structural elements of aircraft airframe” V.A.Matvienko, A.N.Rudko, AO UkrNIIAT institute;

– “Influence of technological kind of surface strength repair compounds polymer composites”, O.A.Shevchenko, NAU A.V.Globa, D.N.Polischuk, NTU “KPI”;

– “The formation of the microrelief surface treated by cutting the fibrous polymer composite materials”, D.V.Krivoruchko, V.A.Kolesnik, Sumy State University.

Some of the papers will be recommended for presentation at the 34th International Conference on Composite Materials SEICO-13, which will be held in Paris in March 2013.

In addition, all the work will be published in the upcoming issue of “Technological Systems”.

See you at the next conference of the Ukrainian branch of the International Society for the promotion of materials and technologies SAMPE in October – November 2013.