SUTEC-2018, the 8th Technical Conference of SAMPE Ukraine Club has been organized by SAMPE Ukraine Club in collaboration with Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology (UkrRIAT) and held on November 15th, 2018 at UkrRIAT premises, Kiev, Ukraine.

16 papers were presented at the Conference. Among them:

  • New class of composite materials based on high entropy alloys;
  • Perspective additive technologies in aerospace industry;
  • Features of composite metal / metal nitride vacuum-arc coatings;
  • Technological scheme of aviation titanium alloy powders obtaining for 3D printing in Ukraine;
  • Imitating and evaluating metal crack life of austenite Cr-Ni seams;
  • Methodology aspects of information support for making of forecasting decisions on operational strength of aircraft airframe.

Participants of SUTEC-2018 represented State-owned Research Institute of Aviation, National Technical University of Zaporozhe, Institute for Problems of Materials and Paton Welding Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Yuzhnoye Design Bureau of Dnepr, MOTOR SICH, IVCHENKO-PROGRESS and Titanium Institute of Zaporozhe and UkrRIAT.

All papers of SUTEC-2018 will be published in this and next year issues of Technological Systems Journal being published by UkrRIAT.