Ukrainian SAMRE-Ukraine branch of the International Society for the Advancement of Technology materials and manufacturing processes SAMPE Europe invites students to participate in a competition to identify one winner, who will be granted the right to participate in the 35th student a seminar scheduled to be held during the international a technical conference of this society dedicated to composite materials in various fields of technology, including aircraft manufacturing.

The workshop will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from September 30 to October 1, 2020 of the year.

General requirements for students wishing to participate in the competition:

  • preparation of a report on research issues, development, manufacture, testing, use of composite materials, for presentation at the seminar;
  • production based on the report of the poster (A1 format), which will be demonstrated during the seminar and conference;
  • preparation and submission of abstracts to SAMRE-Ukraine future report in English;
  • English proficiency for preparation and presentation report, poster and participation in technical and general discussions.

Decision on the student’s invitation to participate in the seminar will be accepted according to the results of the competition, on which all submitted abstracts will be considered.

All costs for the participation of the invited student in the seminar carry the company SAMPE Europe and its Ukrainian branch SAMRE-Ukraine.

For questions related to possible participation in the contest, contact:

TEMPRO Public Organization – Ukrainian Branch SAMPE Europe, Kiev, st. Kirillovskaya, 12, tel. 044 4559391 Deputy Chairman – Secretary of the Board Shulepov Viktor Nikolaevich.