September 27 – October 1, 2012 UkrRIAT took part in the 8th International Aviation and Space Salon Aviasvit-XXI

The exposition of UrkRIAT became a part of the exposition “Ukroboronprom”. At the exhibition stand of UkrNIIAT, located in the center of the exhibition exposition of the salon, there were presented advertising and information materials with information about the main activities of the institute, natural samples of mechanized tools developed by the institute’s specialists for performing technological procedures for assembling metal structures, and scientific and technical literature of the institute.

Next to the exposition of UkrRIAT was the exposition of BPOETJE (Germany), a leader in the development and production of automated equipment for the assembly of structural elements and units of an airframe. UkrNIIAT cooperates with BPOETJE in the use of the company’s equipment in the production processes of aircraft manufactured by Antonov State Enterprise.

During the work of the salon, the leaders and specialists of the institute held meetings and negotiations with delegations and representatives of relevant enterprises, including the State Enterprise “ANTONOV”, JSC “MOTOR SICH”, WZL Nr.2.S.A. (Repair plant, Poland), LLC “OAK-ANTONOV (RF) and agreements were reached on the participation of UkrRIAT in existing and promising projects for the development of aviation technology.