SUTEC-2017, the 7th Technical Conference of SAMPE Ukraine club has been organized by SAMPE Ukraine in collaboration with Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology (UkrRIAT) and held on November 16th, 2017 at UkrRIAT premises, Kiev, Ukraine.

29 papers were presented at the Conference. Among them:

  • Estimation of operational strength of aircraft;
  • Al-alloys reinforced by quasicrystallic nanoparticles;
  • Upgrading press equipment for intensive plastic deformation of alloys for aircraft manufacturing;
  • Estimation of operational reliability of heat protective sealing coatings for gas turbine engine parts;
  • Polymer composite materials based on fluorine plastics;
  • Manufacturing cast steel-copper composites;
  • Carbon-carbon composite materials strength at high temperatures up to 3300 K.

Participants of the Conference represented State-owned Research Institute of Aviation, National Technical University of Zaporozhe, Technical University of Dnepr, Institute for Problems of Materials of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Super Hard Materials of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, National Aviation University, Yuzhnoye Design Bureau of Dnepr, Chemistry and Technology Institute of Dnepr, ANTONOV, MOTOR SICH and UkrRIAT.

All papers of SUTEC-2017 will be published in this and next year issues of Technological Systems Journal being published by UkrRIAT.

Below is presented picture of all participants of the conference.