March 11, 2019 Paris hosted the annual annual high-level business forum SAMPE Europe SUMMIT 2019, dedicated to the prospects of application advanced composite materials in various industries, including aircraft. The forum was attended by over 160 specialists representing companies from North America, Europe, China, Japan and other countries.

On the section The Aerospace Industry Forum presented a report on Transport the effectiveness of cargo aircraft – the view of the Antonov State Enterprise prepared Specialists of SE ANTONOV with the participation of JSC UkrNIIAT.

The idea of such a report and its inclusion in the forum’s work program was at one time initiated by UkrNIIAT and supported by the leadership of the Antonov State Enterprise. The specified report at the conference was made by the president of SE “ANTONOV” Donets A.D. and chairman of the board – general director of JSC “UkrNIIAT” Krivov G.A.