July 2, 2014 in the plenary hall of the Verkhovna Rada parliamentary hearings on the topic: “The state and legislative support for the development of science and science-technical sphere of the state”, in which a report on “industrial science – the locomotive of innovation and technological development of high-tech industry,” the chairman Board – General Director of JSC “UkrNIIAT institute” of the curve.

Among the speakers at the parliamentary hearings have been submitted to the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, the head of the relevant parliamentary committee, vice president of National Academy of Sciences, as well as representatives of the scientific and technical community of Ukraine.

Discussed issues regarding the status and problems that hinder the development of fundamental, applied, industry and educational science of the state.

In its report, the representative UkrNIIAT institute had focused innovative development of the defense industry, which are inherently high technology and determine the success of the development of other sectors of the economy.

It was noted that the defense industry and the aviation industry as one of the leading industries that do not require subsidies from the state, provided that the rules of reinvestment in the development of the aviation industry at the level of 15% of the industry revenue, as is common in the world’s leading aviation industry.

To the participants of the hearings made proposals for the implementation of priority activities designed to support and further development of the aviation industry of Ukraine.