March 10, 2013 meeting of the Board of the European branch of the International Association for the promotion of technology materials and manufacturing processes SAMPE, attended by the representatives of the Ukrainian organization SAMPE-Ukraine in Paris.

The agenda of the meeting considered the technical, organizational, educational and financial activities of the company during 2012. Representative SAMPE-Ukraine spoke on the activities of the organization in Ukraine for the period of 2012-2013 years. In particular, the results:

  • held on 22-25 October 2012 XII Ukrainian youth scientific conference “Machine Ukraine young eyes: progressive ideas – science – production,” which were co UkrNIIAT and Ukrainian branch companies SAMPE-Europe,
  • held November 15, 2012 at the second technical UkrNIIAT Conference SAMPE-Ukraine “Technical modernization owned aircraft production – a key to success in the markets of aircraft”.

Board members welcomed the report SAMPE-Ukraine and information about the work of the Ukrainian organization.