The 9th seminar of the Ukrainian branch of the International Society for the Promotion of Materials Technologies and Production Processes SAMPE will be held on November 14, 2019.

Beginning at 10:00.


Agenda of the 9th SAMPE-Ukraine Workshop

Повестка дня 9-го семинара SAMPE-Украина

November 14, 2019

10: 00–10: 15 Opening address of the Chairman of the Board - Director General of UkrRIAT, Chairman of the Board of SAMPE-Ukraine (G.A. Krivov, JSC “UkrRIAT”)

10: 15–10: 35 The results of the introduction of imported materials in the design of aircraft of Antonov State Enterprise (Y. O. Golovchenko, Antonov State Enterprise)

10: 35–10: 55 The experience of using PCM in the design of highly loaded wing and feathering units (DM Ustyugov, State Enterprise “ANTONOV”)

10: 55–11: 15 Study of the bearing capacity of structural elements under conditions of cyclic aerodynamic heating (L.V. Kravchuk, K.P. Buyskikh, N.N. Feofentov (all IPP NANUN), I.A. Gusarova (KBYu))

11: 15–11: 35 Possibilities of using welding technologies when creating nodes and parts for a hot gas turbine engine from single crystals of heat-resistant alloys (K.A. Yushchenko, I.S. Gakh, B.A. Zaderii, A.V. Zvyagintseva, E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute )

11: 35–11: 55 On the creation of a corporate system of regulatory documents in the interests of enterprises and organizations of the aviation industry of Ukraine (V.N. Shulepov, JSC “UkrNIIAT”)

11: 55–12: 15 Discussion of reports. The completion of the workshop.