25-27 March 2012 in Paris, France, passed the 33rd International Conference on Composite Materials SEICO 2012

The conference was attended by Chairman of the Ukrainian branch of the Society SAMPE G.O Krivov and Vice President – Secretary of the Board of this office V. Shulepov.

In sections of the conference were presented two reports of Ukrainian scientists. The representative of Ivchenko-Progress EI Murashkyn spoke, with the report dedicated to the use of composites in devices of reverse thrust of engines. NAU represented report on wear components of gas turbines with carbide coating. In addition, at the conference also was presented an unscheduled report on the knitted metal nets to protect aircraft against lightning, by LR Vishnyakov (Institute for Materials Science) and V.M. Shulepov.

Representatives of the Ukrainian branch of the Society SAMPE participated in the meeting of the Board of the Society, which reported the results of the Ukrainian branch in 2011-2012 were also presented plans of the Ukrainian branch for 2012.