Trade Union PAC in UkrNIIAT organized a tour of the day and visit the National Historical and Cultural Reserve ” Hetman’s Capital .” The reserve is a cultural and educational and research institution established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 445 of 14 June 1993 “On the State Historical and Cultural Reserve ” Hetman Capital “on the basis of the complex cultural heritage and nature. The reserve is the subject of public property and is in the management of the Ministry of Culture .

As part of this tour were visited: the palace and park ensemble K.Razumovskogo, general judge Kochubeya House, Museum of Archaeology Baturina, Church of the Resurrection-tomb K. Hetman Razumovsky, the park “Kochubey” Krupitsky St. Nicholas Monastery, Baturin Citadel fortress, monument to victims of Baturin the tragedy of 1708, Tomb P.I.Prokopovicha – founder of the national science about beekeeping, the inventor of the frame hive, other attractions.