SUTEC-2015, the 5th Technical Conference of SAMPE Ukraine organization was organized by SAMPE Ukraine in collaboration with Ukrainian Institute of Aviation Technology (UkrRIAT) and held on November 19th, 2015 at UkrRIAT premises, Kiev, Ukraine.

Main idea of the conference was as follows: Ukrainian High Tech as a Basis for International Cooperative Engineering Projects.

SUTEC-2015 was concentrated at:

–       cooperative production of ANTONOV aircraft with participation of foreign partners;

–       composite materials and structures research;

–       practical use of composite materials and structures in aerospace and other high-tech industries;

–       practices of development, production and repair of aircraft and space products;

–       development and application of advanced technologies for creation, operation, repair and utilization of aircraft and space products;

–       cost effective aircraft production.

Participants, the total number of which amount to 40, represented State-owned Research Institute of Aviation, Paton Institute of Electric Welding, National Technical University of Zaporozhe, University of Sumy, Technical University of Dnepropetrovsk, Institute for Problems of Materials of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute for Problems of Strength of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Super Hard Materials of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, National Aviation University, Polytechnic Institute of Kiev, ANTONOV, IVCHENKO-PROGRESS and UkrRIAT.

The conference worked in two sections:

Research. The production technology. Modeling;

Composite materials for aerospace industry.

 All the papers of SUTEC-2015 will be published in the next year issues of Technological Systems Journal being published by UkrRIAT.

Below are presented some pictures of the conference.